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The first book in a new series by Heather Trim is being released this fall. Put October 28th on your calendar in anticipation of this inspiring new read. 

Release Date: October 28, 2017

Ledger is supposed to fear and despise the winged people who live on Ellery, a floating island that circles the world. When he discovers a winged Ellerian girl, named Alouette, sneaking through the woods near his cottage, he does the wrong thing. He befriends her.

The next harvest the island of Ellery returns empty. The Sky People are gone, Alouette is missing, and Ledger has to make a difficult choice. Do the right thing, continuing life as usual in the blacksmith workshop. Or do the wrong thing, boarding the island against the elder’s wishes and find her.

Panel 1

Don’t think. Just fly.

The Series



Book 1: WINGBOUND (Release Date Fall 2017)






Book 2: WINGLESS (Release Date 2018)

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To the sky!


Coming soon:

A free download of WINGBOUND Chapter 1.



*A few of the other characters in WINGBOUND needed to tell their side of the story. It is better to read these after reading the novel to keep from spoiling the novel for you.